Legends of the Craft : Master Mason Handbook, is the ultimate Master Mason reference guide for the Brother who approaches Masonry as a philosophy and a method of personal development. The Handbook features courses, lectures, games, tools, and articles with unique Masonic elements with an eye towards practical application. The book will guide you into creating your own Master Mason Handbook, partly located in your mind. The goal is to fill your mind with tools that will make you a success in your various roles in life, and also satisfy your intellectual curiosities

The Book is broken into various sections and volumes that grow as we gather more and more material. You get access to it all, as long as we are around!

Get started by Watching our Live Ritual Memorization Replay

Masonic MemoryCraft 101

Word Perfect Memory

Learn to build your own system to memorize information verbatim (word for word).

Replay : Ritual Memorization

Rebroadcast of our popular Ritual Memorization workshop where we break down how the memory works and give you some practical tools to improving your memorizing.

The Arts and Sciences of Masonry

The Art of Public Speaking

Featuring Dr. Oscar Alleyne

A nuts and bolt workshop designed to take you from nervous speaker to being able to talk to groups of any size and in any setting.

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