Future Supermemorizer,

We have been waiting for you! Get ready to transform your memory from an
average or limited brain ability into a genuine superpower capable of rapidly uploading information into your mind and storing it in an ease-to-access manner.

We all know a powerful memory

  • boosts intelligence;
  • wins friends and influences people;
  • gets jobs and wins promotions;
  • attracts the interest and impresses the spouse;
  • makes money and grows wealth; and
  • most importantly keeps the mind healthy and sharp.

So whether you just need to memorize something fast or you want to develop the full powers of your memory for pleasure or profit. We welcome you to our world of super memorizers. Click below to learn more about the nutcase behind this site.

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Free Memory Resource

Learn a smarter way to memorize things fast ...

Supermemorize - How To Memorize Something Fast

Need to memorize a speech? Have to pass a test? Want to acquire a new skill or just learn faster? Whatever your memory challenge is, let's get it solved today. Supermemorize : How To Memorize Something Fast will not only make you a smarter memorizer by teaching you how memory works, but it will also triple the number of things you can memorize.


Are you ready to take the next step?

Ready to learn a smarter way to improve your memory for greater profit and pleasure in your personal and professional life?

We have all seen the show or movie where the person with awesome powers is defeated by the SMARTER more STRATEGIC opponent. In this modern era, having SUPERPOWERS is not enough. You need the SMARTS to use them.

when it comes to memory, having a Supermemory is not enough. You need to improve your memory the smart way.

Many memory courses are designed to help you develop superior memory skills or a "supermemory", (the skillset of memorizing and recalling large volumes of information fast) however people struggle with knowing how to use their new powers for maximum value. So they end up leaving their abilities to rot.

Here at Supermemorize.com, we want to change that .....

We believe that Smart Memory Improvement comes down to three key things :

1) Understanding how our memory works naturally.

2) Training ourselves to use memory principles and techniques.

3) The strategic use of 1 & 2 to complete tasks.

So we developed Smart Memory 101 : Develop a Smart Supermemory.

(of course, I came up with that title, to capture the awesome.)

Smart Memory 101 is our memory course and it will show you a smart way to improve your memory that will make you smarter and more skilled.

Student Testimonial!!

Francis Rufino was one of our first students and he shares how his memory training helped him graduate at the top of his class in the Navy.

Smart Memory 101 has three main parts ....

Live and On-Demand Online Courses

We love to teach our concepts in live sessions as much as possible so that students can actively participate and express their concerns.

Sessions are recorded and become part of every participating student's library unless otherwise stated.

Games and Tools

Leveling up your memory can become boring if you are not given the right incentive and tools.

Our collection of memory games will build your power and entertain you.

Our memory tools will increase your levels of productivity and save you tremendous amounts of time and effort.

Personal and Group Memory Coaching

Want to achieve results faster and get access to invaluable wisdom regularly?

Consider memory coaching.

A good coach not only will hold you accountable but will provide you with insight that helps you reduce time on your journey or improves your results.

Why Develop a Smart Supermemory?

Why develop a Smart Supermemory?
Everybody's reasons are different.

Money, Education, Power, Fame, Love etc .....

First of all, your training lets you memorize 3x faster and recall things at lightning speed.

So it saves us a tremendous amount of time when we need to learn something new and when we are trying to remember information later.

Second, it improves performance and productivity.

When handling a task we are limited by how much information we can hold in our short-term memory (4-9 magic number 7) at once.

To overcome this problem we usually write things down as we are thinking or doing things.

Our Smart Supermemory is our mental notepad, expanding how much information we can store and access.

Capabilities of a Smart Supermemory

Smart Memory 101 gives people the ability to

  • Assess memory challenges and create solutions

  • Quickly memorize, and easily recall 50 pieces of information (7x the average person) in less than 6 minutes.

  • "Google" search through memorized information using filters and keywords to find important elements.

  • Mentally organize information into complex forms and databases.

  • Manipulate and modify memories as easily as one handles a smartphone.

  • Manage large volumes of information for long periods of time.