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Supermemorize, is an online learning platform for people looking to improve their memory, learn new skills or share their expertise! 

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions -

How can I improve memory?

What are some tips, tricks, and techniques for memorization?

How do I accelerate my learning of new knowledge and skills?

How do I remember things for longer?

Or if you just ever get tired of being so forgetful

…. Then this site is for YOU!

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Here’s what I believe: we all know that one of the biggest differences between the haves and the have-nots is knowledge and skills. The more we know, the more we can do -- and in turn, the more we can improve our lives. However, we are all busy people. We don’t have time to read books or follow through on that awesome training program. We have deadlines to meet, tests to take, kids to care for, and so on. In short, our time is limited.

The greatest advantage you can have nowadays is the ability to learn things quickly and apply them even more quickly. Learning to improve your memory gives you that advantage and more.

You’re probably skeptical. You’re wondering, “Is it really possible to improve my memory? Is it even worth the time?”

I know it is.

For the last decade, I have coached hundreds of people to train their memories and achieve their goals. My simple method -- Smart memory improvement -- is focused on the strategic use of memory techniques and principles and is focused on real-world application.

What makes it so powerful is that we fuse ancient, time-tested memory techniques with proven, results-driven science. Find out more about our method here.

How Supermemorize.com works

There are two key components to Supermemorize: The Academy & The Blog

The Academy is our ever-growing library of courses focused on developing a powerful memory and learning valuable knowledge and skills. We believe that when you combine good instruction with our memory training, you speed up your learning and enhance your performance in a field -- or as we like to call it -- a “power-up.”

Things Worth Remembering Blog is where you can increase your knowledge-base for improving memory, learn useful skills, and explore creative ideas to entertain you and boost your productivity.

These resources will put you on another level, and quite frankly, transform you. Whenever I train people, they are amazed at how simple the ideas are and how quickly they can improve their memories. Sometimes, I scare myself with my own feats of memory, lol.

Memory Enthusiast

In case you are wondering, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Anthony Kofi A. Osei-Tutu. My friends call me Kofi. In 2009, I joined a philosophic organization and part of our membership duty was to memorize tons of lectures. WORD FOR WORD. I always thought I had a good memory, until I had to learn 300 words verbatim. Four weeks later, I only managed to learn 68 words ...and poorly.

Largely defeated, I returned to my childhood home to find a book my brother purchased when we were kids. It was a memory improvement book by Harry Lorayne. Skeptically, yet desperately, I studied the book. I was blown away. As soon as I put the methods to use, I was able to memorize the 300 words in a few weeks.

I began to consume all I could on the subject, and soon thereafter, I was able to memorize nearly 3,000 words in six weeks -- a personal record. Along with developing superior memory skills, I also was able to organize what I learned into an intelligent mental library. I could easily locate information at will and had a deep understanding of the material. I combined my memory skills with other skills and applied them to other areas of my life from work to school to family and even dating, lol.

 I spent the next few years teaching memory skills to my family and to members of my organization. A few friends and I built  an educational platform for our fraternity featuring experts discussing memory, leadership, communication mastery. The platform incorporated principles of memory  that allowed expert members to share their expertise with other brothers  

I believe improving memory is especially important today, as we are more reliant than ever on technology to help solve our learning needs. However, when you train your memory, you have turn your knowledge into an easily to access mobile database. I have seen it make people more productive, and in turn, have seen what it can do to help people achieve their goals. As a result, I made it my mission to share this gift with the world.

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The time to develop a supermemory is now. Remember, memory is not just a skill ...it’s a craft.